Cycle Zone Service

Cycle Zone offers an array of services for every machine we sell. From oil changes to complete engine overhauls, we can handle it for you. Sleep better at night with peace of mind knowing that a professional mechanic is maintaining and repairing your machine to keep it running at its best.

Our shop rate is $98.00 per hour.

Cycle Zone Service

One of the biggest specialized services we offer is suspension component rebuilding and re-valving, known as CZR suspension (Cycle Zone Racing) for nearly all makes and models of dirt bikes. These are handled at a flat labor rate listed below.

  • Shock/Fork Rebuild: $120.00 + parts
  • Shock/Fork Re-Valve: $175.00 + parts
  • Shock/Fork Oil Change: $70.00 (includes oil)
  • Fork Springs: $115.00 (most)
  • Shock Springs: $115.00 to $160.00 (most)
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