Aaron Fisher - Sales Manager

Aaron Fisher

Sales Manager
Phone: 785.234.3844
Aaron grew up in Topeka and graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013. He's ridden off-road vehicles since the age of 8 and has a passion for ATV's, SxS's, dirt bikes, muscle cars or personal watercraft. He lives for the outdoors, whether it's playing sports, trail riding, going to the lake or to the NHRA/NASCAR tracks, Aaron loves it all.
Eric "Big E" Green - Technician

Eric "Big E" Green

Eric "Big E" Green has been a part of Cycle Zone since May of 2001. He eats, sleeps and breathes KTM's. Eric has ridden for many years and has an depth knowledge of the dirt bike and ATV industry.
John 'JW' Crow - Service Manager

John 'JW' Crow

Service Manager
Phone: 785.234.3844
John brings over two decade’s worth of supervisory and management experience to our service department. His professionalism and time management skills keeps our shop running at maximum efficiency and performance while at the same time allowing the flexibility to handle rush jobs as soon as they come in.
Brett Limke - Service Technician

Brett Limke

Service Technician
When Brett isn't busy setting up the constant stream of new vehicles at Cycle Zone Powersports, he's out racing ATVs. For nearly a decade Brett has been racing nationally, finishing first at the Sioux Falls Extreme Dirt Track Series in 2013 and others. If you need to get your ATV ready for the big race, Brett has the expertise you need to get you ahead of the pack.
Danielle Slawson-McAdoo - Parts Specialist

Danielle Slawson-McAdoo

Parts Specialist
Phone: 785.234.3844
Racing is Danielle's passion. She has been riding dirt bikes since she was 7, and racing since 13. "Riding means a lot to me and I have a special connection because it’s something I do with my dad and sister. As long as I can remember KTM’s and racing have always been a big part of my life. I couldn’t picture life without it." Her family takes their sport all over, and Danielle loves racing her brand new 2018 250 XC-W in cool, interesting places.
John Collins - Small Engine Technician

John Collins

Small Engine Technician
Phone: 785.234.3844
John is Cycle Zone Powersports's Small Engine Tech, bringing years of expertise to the maintenance and repair of your various power equipment. John has a Harley Davidson motorcycle and takes it out on the open road to events like Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Ryan Holm - Powersports Representative

Ryan Holm

Powersports Representative
Phone: 785.234.8344
Ryan is a Topekan born-and-bred, is a Topeka High School graduate, spent time serving in the Navy and is a helping hand to his fellow veterans. He still gets out to the tracks and trails, and his family is there to cheer him on. Ryan has raced competitively since 1996, and can expertly help you find that perfect ride to match your skills, whether you're just starting out in the sport or are a seasoned professional.
Bruce Korbelik - Parts Associate

Bruce Korbelik

Parts Associate
Phone: 785.234.3844
Bruce Korbelik is a four-time AA series champion as well as promoter and track builder and is intimately familiar with all aspects of off-road riding/racing. He is known for his bike set-up and strong product knowledge based on in-depth and exhaustive testing to ensure that what he recommends works well, whether you are the casual weekend play rider or dedicated racer. Look for Bruce at future FMHS races as he broadens Cyclezone Powersports presence and race support! We encourage you to stop in and say hi and welcome Bruce back to the area!
Tony Nelson - Service Technician

Tony Nelson

Service Technician
Phone: 785.234.3844
When he was very young Tony tore apart and rebuilt the engine of a junked mower in the family garage, and to this day it still runs. He has years of experience on the area lakes and waterways, riding Sea Doos or Waverunners with many of Cycle Zone Powersports' customers. Tony has seen some truly well-loved, beat-up vehicles come in to the service bay and has gotten them all ready for more.
Jared Haas - Parts and Sales

Jared Haas

Parts and Sales
Jared has a lifelong interest in the powersports industry. He has knowledge of all product lines to help you find the perfect bike or ATV. His riding experience enables him to help find the part or accessory you are looking for as well.
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